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All humans are hardwired for connection.

A lack of social connection can have the same impact on our health as smoking 15 packs of cigarettes a day. Without close relationships, our risk of early death increases by 50%, and we are more likely to experience depression and anxiety.


For neuro diverse people, finding connection is just as important - but can be hard to come by.


Over half of individuals with intellectual disabilities experience social isolation, and up to a third report having had no contact with friends in over a year.


My Life My Body offers comprehensive training to provide parents, caregivers, and front-line workers with practical advice and actionable tools on how you can support those in your care to lead rich, healthy, and safe intimate and emotional lives.


What is My Life My Body?

Inclusion Yukon started the My Life My Body Project in 2015. Over the years, we have talked with many neuro diverse individuals, their families, caregivers and support staff about how important human connection is and about their challenges, concerns, questions, and struggles.


The My Life My Body Course

The My Life My Body Course is full of learning, will dispel myths, and provide practical tools you can start using right now. Through eight course modules, we’ll cover everything you need to know to confidently support those in your care in building healthy relationships, understanding important social skills, and staying safe.

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Real-Life Conversations

Hear the real-life stories of friendships and relationships - and why they make all the difference for those in them.


My Life My Body Tool Kit

Find more information and support about supporting neuro diverse individuals to thrive.


My Life My Body Blog

Read our stories, interviews, and articles and learn how to       support clients and family members with intellectual and developmental disabilities to have fulfilling relationships.


Other Ways We Offer Support

Inclusion Yukon offers a variety of trainings to support family members, policy makers and front-line staff to better understand and address the needs of neuro diverse individuals as they navigate the world of friendship, love, relationships, and sex. 

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