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What is My Life My Body?

The My Life, My Body program is a healthy relationships and sexuality program operated by the Inclusion Yukon (formerly Yukon Association For Community Living) with support from the Crime Prevention Victim Services Trust Fund.

We have secured funding for a third round of the program through June 2020. Browse our website for resources and helpful links or call the YACL office at 667-4606 for more information. Our sexual health facilitator is available for fee for service consultation and training at this time and the Inclusion Yukon maintains a resource library with training and client skills development resources that can be accessed at any time. 

Healthy relationships and sexuality are big topics. They play a role in almost every aspect of our lives from how we value and take care of ourselves to how we relate to others in the world (from friends and coworkers to intimate partners). It's perfectly natural to have questions about changing bodies, our emotions, how to stay safe in relationships and much more. This program is about helping an individual become strong, confident and resilient and supporting our community to address issues of sexuality. This includes everything from supporting clients and family members to build healthy friendships, understand their body and how to keep themselves safe.  

Families know - people with intellectual disabilities are vulnerable to both victimizing others and being victimized. This may happen in any setting; in a family home, at school, in a care setting such as a group home or foster family home, in an independent living situation, or simply through interaction with others in a public or semi-public place.

We all understand that in the disability community these topics are even tougher to handle, especially when the law comes into play. Knowledge is protection. Factual information about body parts, reproduction, private and public space, personal boundaries, safe touch, personal hygiene and understanding and sharing your emotions are the skills for a healthy life and good strategies for staying safe. 

The My Life, My Body Program was created to:

  • Start a conversation about sexuality and disability in our community

  • Provide a space where parents can share and discuss concerns, ideas, and solutions for safety.

  • Provide resources and a private space for individuals parents, caregivers and service providers to ask questions.

  • Teach healthy living and healthy sexuality skills to people with intellectual disabilities, FASD, or on the Autism Spectrum

  • Provide tools, training, and information to parents, caregivers, and service providers.


Our Facilitator

Sofia Fortin is a born and raised Yukoner with a 10-year background in facilitation and communications. She's passionate about working with people to help them understand themselves and how they relate to others in the world. She loves sparking conversations about topics that matter and helping people to understand the very big and very complex topic of human sexuality. Sofia has completed the Sexual Health Educator program at Options for Sexual Health. She has facilitated the My Life My Body program since 2015. 

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