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Friendship Circle

Making friends can be hard to do. Folks with intellectual disabilities often lack access to friendship making opportunities, but more than that they often do not have the skills needed to create strong and lasting friendships. 

Research shows that loneliness is a silent killer. It contributes to poor health, depression, low literacy and much more. Strong friendships and relationships are vital our success in life. 

"The number one friendship skill is reciprocity," says Dave Hingsburger, disabilty and sexuality. The ability to take and give, to recognize the needs of another and to give from an open heart are fundamental.

The finer arts of friendship building include 10 skills of likability from humour and trust to thoughtfulness and interest and passions. 


This program is designed to offer participants a friendly setting in which to learn the 10 skills of likability and practice them with peers in a real environent. 



Mark your Calendars 

FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE IS NOT RUNNING AT THIS TIME. Click the email link above to register your interest in the next iteration of the program. 

This  8 session program is for adults with intellectual disabilities aged 18+. 

We ask that participants register but there is no requirement to attend all sessions. Fill out the registration form above so we can learn more about our participants and ensure everyone can have a positive experience in the friendship circle.

We are currently developing a detailed curriculum. See below for the dates for the program. 

Program Dates

TBD Spring 2020


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