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Phase 3 of the My Life My Body program is funded until May 30, 2020. At this time we are working with partners to develop the next iteration of the program. Contact YACL at 667-4606 for any inquiries or to access further resources. 

Our focus in the 2020 year had two main goals. We wanted to create a community of support for individuals with disabilities that:


  • had a deeper understanding of the myths and facts of sexuality that will enable them to support clients and keep them safe.

  • had the tools to answer questions, find solutions and open possibilities for clients and family members. 


Our broader goal is to address the needs that families and front-line staff face every day when it comes to questions about how bodies work, how to make friends, how to go about dating, what personal boundaries mean and so much more. 

We can offer customized support and you can call us anytime for a private consultation. 

Click on the bars below to learn more about our programs. Not seeing what you are looking for, got a suggestion for a workshop, or are you looking for support and resources? Call us at 667-4606. We'd love to chat.

Webinars and Training

Strong friendships are what make life full. They build resilience and create healthy, thriving individuals. This program for adults (18+) with intellectual disabilities will create a space to meet others and practice important friendship building skills. Read more here.    

Book us to do a presentation in your classroom. K-12, curriculum focused lessons. Read more here. 

Training for anyone who has people with intellectual disabilities in their life. Widen your understanding of sexuality, learn how to talk about changing bodies and changing minds, get tools to be a support. Read more here. 

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