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Inclusion Yukon offers a variety of trainings to support family members, policy makers and front line staff to better understand human sexuality and address the needs to clients and family. 

Sexuality is not just about sex. It is about identity, friendship, how we interact with each other, knowing how to behave in the world with others. It is about each human's right and need to healthy human connection. 


Sexuality intersects with many aspects of an individuals life - from how they dress and present themselves, to whom they interact with and how. As agencies, policy setters and front line staff we need to think about our role in the sexuality conversation. The decisions we make greatly affect how are clients see themselves in the world. As service providers we often have control over the kinds of education and information individuals are accessing, and front line staff are are at the centre of learning opportunities that clients encounter every day. 


  • Is your agency doing all it can to support a person's right to and need for friendship and human connection?

  • How do your staff handle client touch, talking about personal lives, and gossip about boyfriends and girlfriends?

  • Are you intake questions and processes set up to acknowledge and address client needs (from puberty education, to access to private sexual aids in older age) ?

  • What are your policies for managing client relationships, crushes and romantic feelings? 

  • What kind of education and supports do you provide to clients who are struggling with boundaries?

  • How do you support clients to think through birth control choices? 


Is our training a fit for your agency or role?

Not all of these questions may apply in your agency, but chances are that you're some aspect of how you interact with clients touches on their sexuality and need for human connection and friendship. Inclusion Yukon offers customized training to support your agency's policy setters and front line staff.

Our goal is to support you in exploring where and how your agency's touch points with clients intersect with aspects of their sexuality (from personal hygiene and expression of identity to romance and relationships), and think critically about your policies and procedures can support each persons right to be fully expressed as they are, to information and choices about their body, and to the right to human connection in the form of friendships and intimate relationships. We dive deep, explore your specific agency and cover tangible tools to implement in your workplace to better serve clients and their families. 

Not sure if customized training if for you?

Watch Webinar 1 - Human Sexuality In Every Day Life to explore where your agency intersects with client sexuality and if more customized training is needed for your staff. 

Access our online courses anytime or talk to us about customized training options. Contact or call 867-667-4606. 

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